Lightning strikes are scary as hell, but they are beautiful in a sense too. If you remove the sound with which it comes, its like almost watching a miracle by the nature. Here are a few of similar kind of lightning strikes.

This is a lightning strike in slow motion see how it starts and then proceeds to form a really long strike.

Here is a lighting strikes which almost vaporizes a cable which seems to be an electric cable.

Lightning in slow motionHere is another scary lighting strike. This one managed to hit a moving truck. According to the news report nobody was harmed.

lightning strikes truck

The following is a lightning strike which formed inside a volcanic cloud. These often happens when a volcanic eruption.

Volcano lightningHere is three lightning strikes striking the towers in Chicago all at the same time.

chicago towers lightning strikeLet us know what you think about these and do comment below with your experience with lightning strikes.

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