Brilliant ways to mess up a date

So yet another horrible advices article huh, well this one is actually a horrible advices article with a difference. So if you’re intelligent enough, you will be able to deduce the awesome advices hiding in these, will help you to nail your date in the most incredible way. But who knows, I will let you decide on that.

So this is our 7 advices to mess up a date:

  1. If you’re a little awkward make sure you pick a very silent place with no activities at all. This will make sure you guys have to talk through the entire date and considering you’re awkward, there will be nothing to talk about. The plus point, you keep the silent place, a silent place for everyone. But in the other case if you pick up your date to a place with a lot of activities like bowling, billiards and darts you will be able to spend awesome time without finding much topics to talk about and your date might go well after all. So don’t do that.
  2.  Talk entirely about you and your interests. And never give a chance for your date to express her feelings, talk about themself. Keep it entirely about you.
  3. If you’re being uncomfortable, that’s because you’re liking this woman or man you’re with. And this might be perceived as cute by your date. So make sure you hide your awkwardness. Whenever you’re feeling uncomfortable, and s/he talks about something, just say “in your face” in a strong voice. This will make sure your date to lose all the feelings they had until then also this phrase is your best chance to kill the moment you were having.
  4. Normally when people get drunk, they think they are awesome when all the freaking others surely will not feel the same way. So make sure you drink while on your date or much preferably before going to the date. Also make sure your date doesn’t drink. This way when you’re thinking you’re nailing, most likely it will be happening the other way.
  5. Make sure you are carefully listening to what your date is saying and find out their grammar mistakes. Correct your dates grammar as soon as you find something, also make sure you do this each time they make a grammar mistake. They will surely hate you for this.
  6. Talk about their ex. So talking about their previous love life is one of the worst ideas on earth to do while on a date. So make sure ask about this and make this the main topic of your date conversations.
  7. Talk about how awesome you’re. Another thing which most people hate is to hear how incredible annoying you’re. And boasting off about the smallest of all things is one incredible ideas to annoy anyone. By making sure you talk about your smallest accomplishments will make sure of them to hate you.

So that’s our list of top advices to mess up a date. If you do whatever I have mentioned here you’re not likely to get a call from your date ever. But in the offchances of you getting one, do this same thing in your second date as well. That will teach them a lesson and you will never get a call from him or her again.

Do let us know if you have any awesome ideas to mess up a date in your mind by commenting below.

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