These animals never fail to bring a smile & a chuckle!

Watch this hilarious video in which funny animals are being dubbed by Brits. I am not saying this video will make you laugh till...

Baby elephant taken for a ride!!

The dog in this video is having real blast out there and the little baby is insanely angry. The baby elephant is so frustrated...

Look who’s the new entrant to the cat family?

The greatest gift anyone of higher power has given us is acceptance and that’s exactly what the mama cat is demonstrating in this cute...

A black bear did the most adorable thing in somebody’s backyard!

You don't often hear of animals invading someone's space, and the few that you did hear about probably didn't have a good outcome. A...

Dog is now cancer free!

Lily is a golden retriever who was diagnosed with cancer back in May. The form of cancer she had was Hemangiosarcoma, which has the highest mortality...

What happens when a dog gets a water balloon!

We all know what it's like to have a water balloon fight, because it's a game we all have played at least once as...

An incredible video of octopus attack!!

A cheeky crab walks down to the edge of a pond, maybe, to have some drink or some yabbies. Little did the crab know...

Fishermen Are Heros After Saving Unlikely Animal From Death!

Drowning is a very scary thing, especially because once it begins, it's hard to stop. This poor baby deer was trapped in the middle...

Diesel, the adorably stubborn box lover, is awesome!!

The lady in this video makes this cute bulldog to hold a box in his mouth to get him blindfolded. He is asked to...

This cat loves this banana!

Cats are probably one of the most picky animals around. They need t gradually taste the food they eat before deciding whether or not...

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