Dog is now cancer free!

Lily is a golden retriever who was diagnosed with cancer back in May. The form of cancer she had was Hemangiosarcoma, which has the highest mortality...

Orangutan has a few tricks up his sleeve!

This video is another example why orangutans are very clever and do enjoy mimicking humans. They are pretty cute, the emotions still came across,...

This squirrel ate so much that it can’t move!

Apparently, our squirrel in this cute video had a heavy meal outside, came home, and had a nap, but it finds in a very...

Thank you for saving me – with Love Shark!

Excellent work by these people who fight to save an injured shark on the Destin, FL shoreline. Apparently, this 10-ft. shark had several deep...

Smart Dog Steals The Camera!

Dogs are very smart creatures, even though they are portrayed to be stupid animals. As dogs grow up, they become less interested in performing...

Dog near death, makes a astonishing recovery!

There are thousands of stray dogs living the streets all over the world, and many die each and every day. This poor girl had...

This Kookaburra is too hungry!!

Kookaburras are giant Kingfishers that live in parts of Australia and (usually) live on small snakes, skinks, lizards and insects and anything else small...
Cheetah playing with a dog

Top five animal gifs of this week

This post is dedicated to all the animal lovers out there. Watch top five picks of animal gifs of this week. Hope you find...

A black bear did the most adorable thing in somebody’s backyard!

You don't often hear of animals invading someone's space, and the few that you did hear about probably didn't have a good outcome. A...

The best dog treat ever!

Dogs don't really care what they eat, but they should get a tasty and healthy snack every once in a while. Using only 3...

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