You may never see an elephant like this again!

Christian LeBlanc and his girlfriend stopped by an elephant sanctuary to take a look around. The two decided to feed the elephants some bananas...

Two incredible animals have been found to help out Alzheimer’s patients!

Most people would automatically assume that I am talking about dogs right now, but I am not. Potbellied pigs are great companions for people...

Diesel, the adorably stubborn box lover, is awesome!!

The lady in this video makes this cute bulldog to hold a box in his mouth to get him blindfolded. He is asked to...

What happens when a dog gets a water balloon!

We all know what it's like to have a water balloon fight, because it's a game we all have played at least once as...

This dog is attached to one of the most random things!

We have all watched videos where dogs or cats play with the weirdest things ever. This dog has an obsession with doorstops, and has...
Banana thief

Top 10 gifs of animals stealing things – You will never...

Animals do make brilliant thieves. Here see the top ten thieves from the animal kingdom. You will never trust animals after this.

These animals never fail to bring a smile & a chuckle!

Watch this hilarious video in which funny animals are being dubbed by Brits. I am not saying this video will make you laugh till...

Crows are amazingly smart & funny, here is why

This could be one of those stories that you wouldn't believe until you see it with your own eyes. Look at this bird that...

This dog is hailed a hero after saving family!

Most dogs will always go out of their way to protect their family. Dory the St. Bernard is being credited with saving her owners...

Crazy cat can’t stop knocking over trashcans!

You got to admire this cool animated video that talks about a short story of a cat that likes to knock over trashcans; it’s...

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