Cats falling over – Funniest video ever! Who wouldn't love to watch cats falling over. This is like the funniest mash up video ever. Share it around, this sure will lighten...
pudu standing

Meet Pudú, the smallest and cutest deer

Pudú is the smallest deer species. They are just about 40cm tall and 80cm long. Pudús are endangered due to the destruction of their...

When a conversation between a mom and a son got remixed….

Creativity can go too far; take a listen to the remix this boy has created out of a small conversation between him and his...

There was only one way…..

The only thing to do when PornHub freezes on your laptop and your Mum's walking up the stairs.

When British people get burnt with magnifying glass…

British people have a  way of saying something really obscene in a really elegant ay, thanks to their awesome British accent. This video shows...

This girl found another girl who looks exactly like her, guess...

Identical twins look alike. But have you ever thought about the possibility of finding a complete stranger with your face? The odds are less...

Pizza guys makes Pizza with Marijuana on it and feeds it...

Some people are weird, some are stupid, but this guy wins the prize for being both hilariously weird and stupid. Reason? he sprinkled synthetic...

Smart Dog Steals The Camera!

Dogs are very smart creatures, even though they are portrayed to be stupid animals. As dogs grow up, they become less interested in performing...
harmless prankvideo

Best prank to do while in a rest room

Here is a very simple and harmless prank you can do while in a restroom.

Orangutan has a few tricks up his sleeve!

This video is another example why orangutans are very clever and do enjoy mimicking humans. They are pretty cute, the emotions still came across,...

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