Some great Tinder openers.

Some people have mastered Tinder, others haven't. Here are 8 great Tinder openers sourced from

This video shows why Queen’s guards aren’t just a prop!

Queen’s guards are out there to protect something. A tourist in this video is seen setting a wrong example by not showing any respect...

Flying higher and screaming louder…….. what a talent!!

Being drunk in social situations, that's pretty normal. But for some, there is no point in drinking if you don't hit high and scream...

This guy pulled out a tooth from a tiger, guess what...

Pulling out a tooth from humans itself is difficult, as we all hate our dentists. But this guy does it with real ease, the...
No Foolvideo

Reverse April Fool: BMW does an April Fools special promo, woman...

People are exceptionally careful about what and what not to believe on April Fools day, especially if you see a news paper ad saying...

When you have to have this notice…..

There's just something wrong with your school when you have to have this notice put up.

Crazy cat can’t stop knocking over trashcans!

You got to admire this cool animated video that talks about a short story of a cat that likes to knock over trashcans; it’s...

See how one redditor made two trashcans fall in love!!

For some love sucks or being stupid together, but here a pair of Love Crazy trashcans choose to party on a rainy afternoon, and...

Orangutan has a few tricks up his sleeve!

This video is another example why orangutans are very clever and do enjoy mimicking humans. They are pretty cute, the emotions still came across,...
Peeping tomvideo

This cat needs some privacy, and he knows how to get...

Looks like a 'Peeping Tom' was up to something while our cat was about to have a shower. Our cat was smart enough to...

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