Cool Moves by a supafly!!

Ever wondered where the term "supafly" came from, just watch the video and find out!

Flying higher and screaming louder…….. what a talent!!

Being drunk in social situations, that's pretty normal. But for some, there is no point in drinking if you don't hit high and scream...

Want fresh sausages, this is how its made.

Watch how sausages made fresh and sold in Brazilian supermarket. A very funny Brazilian prank! LOL!!

This Doggie deserves MORE!!

You got to love this doggie and trust me you end up playing it over and over and over again. In this video, the...

This puppy was in trouble while trying to sleep.

When you're tired, you do a lot of crazy things. This dog wanted a small nap and somehow got stuck. Do you get so...

When prank goes wrong, prankster gets his share.

Here is a very good example of what a prankster could expect when he goes off the mark while playing prank. In this video,...

Is this dog cute?   This amazing dog in Lin hai City could, at first glance, be mistaken for a very small person. How clever.

Coolest prank ever!!

The guy in this video decides to shave off his head, makes a wig using his own hair, and tries it on many different...
Buy me a cat

An epic letter from a girl to her father asking him...

Most kids love pets, but some parent are so busy in their lives and never allow their kids to have the pet they want....

Man poops on everything after breaking into his ex-girlfriend’s home

People who gets released from prison often tries not to go in there like EVER. But what this guy did after getting released make...

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