Punishments given to Russian soldiers

Look where Russian soldiers caught off guard during their duty landed up themselves.

Mother Corgi with her Ducklings following in tow…. ?!

Sometimes unlikely animals become connected in some way....
hitler Birthday

This guy made a special birthday card for his wife for...

Specially made birthday cards by loved ones are so much better than the ones you buy from the store. It carries a personal touch...

Sometimes the postie doesn’t get it right….

Those times when you wish you'd gone out to a real physical store.

This is how you weigh a baby giraffe

Weighing any animal is a really difficult task especially if the animal is so fond of running away or known for being restless. Now...

Guy takes a selfie with Google car, guess what happened next?

Many people are so fond of taking selfies to share it on social media. Most of them are boring but to be I too...

There was only one way…..

The only thing to do when PornHub freezes on your laptop and your Mum's walking up the stairs.

Yup- it’s a fries vending machine.

Want french fries in 45 seconds? You need one of these!

When you have to have this notice…..

There's just something wrong with your school when you have to have this notice put up.

One woman styles her hair and makeup based on GOT for...

This young lady might possibly be a bit too excited for the upcoming season 5 of Game of Thrones..... I take that back, it's...

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