Sometimes the postie doesn’t get it right….

Those times when you wish you'd gone out to a real physical store.

We’ve all had those haircuts…

Sometimes the barber/ hairdresser just screws up.....  
hitler Birthday

This guy made a special birthday card for his wife for...

Specially made birthday cards by loved ones are so much better than the ones you buy from the store. It carries a personal touch...

Ten really interesting not widely known prehistoric animals

Prehistoric animals which we know are really awesome, like for example T-Rex. But there are really awesome other prehistoric animals who wandered our world...

Giving life to pictures and words – the art of penmenship!!

There are currently twelve master penmen in the entire world and the reason there are only 12 master penman is because of the commitment...

Chinese Swiss Army Knife

It's multi-functional, which makes it a cool gadget obviously. The WJQ-308 Chinese Military Shovel has 10 combat functions and was invented by an ex-serviceman.  

Panoramic Shot Ruined By Cat

Panorama's are difficult to do well but it's more annoying when you have an uninvited walk-through on your shot. Looks like we've discovered a Caterpide.
Lightning Strikes

Beautiful videos of lightning strikes

Lightning strikes are scary as hell, but they are beautiful in a sense too. If you remove the sound with which it comes, its...

Punishments given to Russian soldiers

Look where Russian soldiers caught off guard during their duty landed up themselves.
apj abdul kalam quotes 1

Top ten inspirational quotes by A. P. J. Abdul Kalam

Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam was a scientist, former president of India and above all a great human being. He passed away on...

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