Panoramic Shot Ruined By Cat

Panorama's are difficult to do well but it's more annoying when you have an uninvited walk-through on your shot. Looks like we've discovered a Caterpide.

Punishments given to Russian soldiers

Look where Russian soldiers caught off guard during their duty landed up themselves.

Ten really interesting not widely known prehistoric animals

Prehistoric animals which we know are really awesome, like for example T-Rex. But there are really awesome other prehistoric animals who wandered our world...

There must have been an easier way to get this message...

Maybe this is an example of Government efficiency? 7 Employees making 1 sign each were needed to get across the message that you can't...

Father and Son build Transformers

A father and son team in China build transformers from scrap metal and make $160 K a year!

Mother gives her son “Pocket Bible”.

The bible is often credited with pressing good morals onto young people. One mother decided that the Book was a little too wordy for...

Where’s Wally? The final search….

Should Where's Wally take a dark turn?  

Quite a few boozy drinks to lighten up July 4th celebration!

July 4th, the Independence Day celebration time is here. Get ready to soak in the spirit with some yummy, boozy drinks to get yourselves...
apj abdul kalam quotes 1

Top ten inspirational quotes by A. P. J. Abdul Kalam

Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam was a scientist, former president of India and above all a great human being. He passed away on...
Lightning Strikes

Beautiful videos of lightning strikes

Lightning strikes are scary as hell, but they are beautiful in a sense too. If you remove the sound with which it comes, its...

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