When animals behave like humans – Adorable short videos

When animals behave like humans – Adorable short videos

In this article we will see five epic gif which shows animals can behave like humans and sometime be better at it. 1.Dog takes another...

Buckingham Palace guard slips and falls down in front of thousands...

People tend to wish no one saw they falling down, but some times people do and laugh about it. Its human nature. But when...

University students creates a device to extinguish fires using just sound

When it comes to extinguishing fires we have a lot of different methods, most of these techniques uses something to pured over the fire...

Yup- it’s a fries vending machine.

Want french fries in 45 seconds? You need one of these!

Little girl pounded her chest in front of a gorilla, guess...

When you're at a zoo, there are certain do's and don't do's. You must abide by them if you want an enjoyable experience at...

5 Weird Sports – Could you be a world champion?

Want to see some Extreme Ironing in action? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yTEE7FT95bo  

See how “Bob Marley” lights up this cranky little toddler

For many parents, cranky little ones can be their Achilles heel of parenting, but see how a small piece of Bob Marley magic brings...

See how one redditor made two trashcans fall in love!!

For some love sucks or being stupid together, but here a pair of Love Crazy trashcans choose to party on a rainy afternoon, and...

Microsoft Hololens blends digital world with real world!!

A fully untethered see-through holographic computer is here, Microsoft HoloLens. This new technology enables us to discover new ways to visualize our work, more...


In this video, watch this angry old man goes about his morning routine. He looked as if he was in a hurry to kill...

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