Woman poops in the middle of a corridor with people around...

It is so disgusting yet the confidence that woman has in her bowels should be appreciated! There is nothing else to say about it,...

Guy jumps over a stranger’s Lamborghini with his bike

              This guy jumps over a stranger's Lamborghini with his bike to show off his BMX stunts and then goes ahead to post it on...

This cat loves this banana!

Cats are probably one of the most picky animals around. They need t gradually taste the food they eat before deciding whether or not...

This has to be one of the coolest fireworks ever!!

Watch the fireworks that took place in Thailand. Initially, it looked like a rocket launch or some sort of space program happening, but there...

Smart Dog Steals The Camera!

Dogs are very smart creatures, even though they are portrayed to be stupid animals. As dogs grow up, they become less interested in performing...

When a mountain lion checked out a mountaineer!

Ever thought that you would encounter a mountain lion? Definitely, such an experience would get you insanely paranoid and get your adrenaline pumping. This...

Before you eat a mango, add a little bit style to...

Mango season is here. Look how this street vendor adds a bit of spice while cutting the mango. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VHmPVZPECZU

This squirrel ate so much that it can’t move!

Apparently, our squirrel in this cute video had a heavy meal outside, came home, and had a nap, but it finds in a very...

The highest basketball shot – World record

See how this group of individuals made the world record throwing the ball from an unreal distance of 126 meters. https://youtu.be/H9SF2YIKRY8

Watch a bunch of people passing out on Live TV

Fainting or passing out is a sudden loss of consciousness and posture due to decreased blood flow to the brain. There could be many...

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