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horrible advicesArticles from our horrible advices series!

How to throw the worst party ever

So guess what?, its time for a new article from our horrible advice series. This one might actually be helpful to you. Anyway I...
How to mess up your date

Brilliant ways to mess up a date

So yet another horrible advices article huh, well this one is actually a horrible advices article with a difference. So if you're intelligent enough,...

Get fired from work

This is the 3rd post in our horrible advices series and I am thoroughly enjoying writing these articles to be frank. I hope you...

Unfriending in real life

Having friends is a blessing in most cases, but what if you really don't like a person and want to unfriend him or her?...
How to Not Get Caught Cheating

How to cheat without getting caught

So we're changing the way we write stories on lemonoid. Yes, lemonoid is going for a comeback and this time we are committed to...

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