Efficient ways to mess up an interview

Yesterday I wrote about how to make the worst first impression, I really hope you read that. Now the fun fact is the first impression is really important during an interview. So I thought, why not write about “things to do in an interview to mess it up” as well. So here it is, these are the things you would do if you were to mess up an interview.

Efficient ways to mess up an interview
Efficient ways to mess up an interview

So these are the must do’s if you’re planning to mess up an interview. But make sure you read our “how to make the worst first impression” as well. Those will come in handy. Now a little bit about the points from the image:

  1. Turning up late for your interview is one hell of a way to let your interviewer know that you’re not really interested in this job. Make sure you don’t have any excuses for this as well.
  2. Appearing depressed or arrogant is one way of telling them, you have some issues which could interfere with the work.
  3. Taking various things which doesn’t belong on the interview table will give them an idea about the kind of person you’re. Believe me when I say this, no company would like to hire people who do things like these.
  4. According to a survey by careerbuilder, 50% of hiring managers said this is a red flag when meeting with potential hires.
  5. It’s not just interviewers, almost all people hate to ask the same question again and again.
  6. Many hiring managers don’t feel comfortable when potential hires ask them personal questions in an interview. It shows them you don’t have good business manners.
  7. Lying is a bad thing and no one like lairs.

So that’ it. If you prepare and don’t miss any of these tips, you’re sure to mess up the interview and they WILL not hire you for sure.

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