Get fired from work


This is the 3rd post in our horrible advices series and I am thoroughly enjoying writing these articles to be frank. I hope you enjoy these posts as well. So here are the tips to get fired from your work. Again please keep in mind that this article is from our horrible advices series and I don’t think anyone should do this in real life. But if you do this, this will probably end up as the most epic way one would get fired!

  1. Be late consistently. When asked about it, give some really silly advices such as, an ant bit me while I was taking a shower. Or I missed the movie yesterday which was on HBO, so I downloaded it and watched it today. Giving these excuses sure will let them know that you’re not serious about the work. And up on repeating this everyday will surely get you fired.
  2. Bring house hold appliances like mixer, juicer, clothes iron etc to work and use it while you’re supposed to do your work. Of course this will raise suspicions, so you’re likely to be questioned for this. Here you have to nail the excuses to get fired. So when asked, tell them excuses like:
    1. My electricity bills are increasing and I don’t like it.
    2. I have lots of things to do while at home, so I think I should do it here.
    3. I don’t think what I do here does anything good for me. Doing these things are definitely good for me. etc.
  3. Say things like I don’t like you, I don’t like this work etc to your boss frequently. Obviously don’t miss saying these in staff meetings infront of everyone.
  4. Whenever you are assigned new work, blatantly say I don’t like this work and I can’t do it.
  5. Make animal voices while in a staff meeting or while your boss is around. When asked, say I made it because you thought your boss looked like that animal
  6. Whenever someone is getting blamed by the boss, intervene and say “Yeah that should do it!”
  7. And finally send emails about uncomfortable things to your co-workers from your email. For example:
    1. Instructions on how to enlarge your tummy
    2. What should you do if you want to cheat your wife/husband
    3. Instructions on how to abandon your child and runaway. etc

I guess this would do the job, pun intended. So have you got any ideas we should add to this list?, do let us know by commenting below.


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