How many people does it take to stop a bullet – GTA5 version

So I guess you have seen the videos like how many balloons does it take to stop a bullet, how many water melons does it take to stop a bullet etc. But what if you wanted to know how many people does it take to stop a bullet, a bullet from a sniper? Well, we can’t do those videos in real life because of the laws and whatnot.

But there are games with excellent physics and AI like GTA5 where you can easily try this out, and guess what someone just did that. Watch the gif below, where the gamers lineup 9 people using the multi-player option and shot them using a heavy sniper rifle.

Now when it comes to physics there have been debates where professionals say, the bullet travels certain distance after the first impact before it stops and it is not affected by the number of people. Read the full on description given by a redditor how this is done in most games.

Have you ever tried something like this in a game? Do let us know by commenting below.

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