How to cheat without getting caught

So we’re changing the way we write stories on lemonoid. Yes, lemonoid is going for a comeback and this time we are committed to making it a useful fun place to be for our readers. Believe me, you will find this interesting. Without further ado, let me get on with the first attempt at our newly found niche – advises. But not good ones, but the worst advises ever.

So cheating. This is one area where many people suck at. Most people are not good at it and get caught sooner or later. So how can you cheat without getting caught. but before we begin, let me tell you this – Do not take any of this seriously. Following these advises will most likely a bad idea. Anyway lets start.

  1. The best and foremost advise is, how you should end your current relationship before you start with another one. But if thats not possible for one or the other reason read on…
  2. Create a separate email address. Use that id for all the communications with your illegitimate partner. And do not sync it with any of your devices.
  3. Use incognito mode always. Make sure you close the browser once you stop using. This will make sure none of your accounts will stay signed in, so your legitimate partner can’t know about this.
  4. Scan your computer every now and then using a good virus scanner. Kaspersky is a good choice. This is for detecting any keyloggers your suspecting partner might have installed on your system.
  5. Whenever you meet up, make sure the place is not easily accessible. For example, do not meet up in a park. Instead book some place which will need advance reservations and meet up over there.
  6. Lie as little as possible. Keeping up with lies is the culprit of getting caught in most cases.
  7. Talk to your partner if s/he suspects cheating instead of getting mad about it. Talk and reassure him/her about how nothing is wrong how surprised you’re about this whole ordeal.

So that’s it. But please don’t cheat as it sucks and it is as low as you can get as a human being.

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