How to flirt bad and drive away your crush

Flirting is not everyone’s cup of tea. Some are very bad at it and some are very good. No matter of what, we have plenty of guides to help you find your way into learning how to be good at flirting. But what if you want to be so bad at it? Well, that’s were we come into play. So here is our today’s horrible advices article: how to be bad at flirting & drive away your crush.

Bad flirting 101
Bad flirting 101

So here is a little bit more about what you see in the image!

  1. Insult your crush. Everyone knows that this is what 6th  graders do to their crushes, so this will be a huge turn off!
  2. Boasting, no matter what the situation is, it is a turn off.
  3. Make them embarrassed whenever you get a chance. And laughing loudly at their mistakes is one hell of a way to do just that!
  4. Talk dirty, especially if they have company. This will make their friends hate you as well.
  5. This is more helpful if your crush is a lady. They hate being objectified, so do that.
  6. The first rule of flirting is how you should make soft eye contact with them. But to make it a bad idea, you just have to do it a little while longer. Just don’t take your eyes off their eyes.
  7. People love people who are original and creative. So whenever you get a chance, say a cheesy dialogue from the most popular movie like it was your own creation. This will make them hate you for all its worth and they are sure to never give you a chance ever.

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