How to Screw Up Your Vacation by Blogging About It

Are you planning to travel the world, and thinking you might start a blog to not only share your adventures with your family and friends, but maybe even to earn an income to pay your way?

Congratulations! You’re well on your way to screwing up your trip entirely.

Here are 7 ways you can screw up your vacation by blogging about it:

Screwing up your vacation
Screwing up your vacation

Here all these points in more detail.

1) Spend 70% of your day in your room in front of your computer. You’ve got to process photos, upload files, write, format, and of course – share everything on social media. Suddenly, your day is done and you’ve seen nothing of your destination.

2) Tell your spouse “I just have one more thing to do”, and don’t reemerge from your computer-cocoon for another three hours. They love that.

3) Take pictures of all your meals with your smartphone, and post them on Instagram. Then, send out a tweet about the amazing time you’re having eating all this great food abroad. Maybe a Facebook post too just for good measure. By the time you actually start eating, your fabulous meal will be cold.

4) Decide – only after you’ve left for your vacation – that it’s time to learn something about how to make money blogging. Because making money with a travel blog is easy….right? Should be a snap. Won’t take but an hour or two to learn everything, surely.

5) Refuse to do an African safari or stay in a really exclusive off-grid jungle house….because there is no wifi.

6) Carry a notebook and camera everywhere with you and play “journalist” all day. See just how much of the world you miss by having your nose buried in a notebook or spending hours setting up the perfect shot.

7) Even if you don’t have traffic to your blog right away, don’t worry – continue to assume that your travel blog will make millions soon, even though you’re not offering anything of value to readers – other than a diary of your vacation.

Okay, okay. Blogging is not all bad. But it’s not the cakewalk many travelers think it will be when they get started. Here are 17 Reasons NOT to Blog About Your Trip with some advice on how to do it effectively if you’re still hell-bent on the idea. If you’d like to find other ways to make money while you travel, check out Working on the Road: The Unconventional Guide to Full-Time Freedom. And if you’re on a budget while nursing champagne tastes, check out this guide to staying in palatial residences around the world for free: How to Get Free Accommodation Around the World.

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