How to throw the worst party ever

So guess what?, its time for a new article from our horrible advice series. This one might actually be helpful to you. Anyway I hope you are enjoying reading these tips I write here. This time I am here with the “how to throw the worst party ever”. In case you don’t like being responsible for party planning, this will be useful to you. So without further ado here it is.

Worst party ever
Worst party ever
  1. No booze: Without booze you’re already set for the worst party ever. Anyway to avoid suspicion, make sure you buy atleast a few beers which obviously are the non alcoholic kind.
  2. No music: Now if a no-booze party isn’t the worst party ever, this will make sure everyone will hate it for their rest of the lives.
  3. Invite exes and bosses: If people still find the party moving, the best idea is to make it more awkward. By doing this, will make sure of it.
  4. Invite some Multi-level marketing people: I personally like this idea the most. Keep the ratio like one MLM person for every 3 normal people.
  5. Cheap glassware all set to fall down: People will feel very awkward and bad if they accidentally destroy others property. So this is a winner.
  6. If you’re inviting, tell 1/3rd of the people that it’s a costume party: Nothing more embarrassing than coming to a party in costume when most of others aren’t in costumes.
  7. As soon as party starts, bring up something with the person who put you in charge so that you can have a disagreement with him/her and storm out.

I think doing all these will teach the person who put you in charge a lesson and they will remember this for a lifetime! Have fun guys, its party time!

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