socks for Muslim women

Benefits of using socks for Muslim women

Socks are one of the tools used to cover the soles of the feet. For a Muslim woman, the aurat (which must be closed) is the whole body except the face and the palms. Because the soles of the feet are part of the body and covered, it becomes mandatory because it was reported by Aisha radhiallahu’anha, he said:

“Asma” bint Abu Bakr had met the Messenger of Allah sallallaahu ‘alaihi wasallam in thin clothing. So the Prophet’s sallam turned away from him and said: “O Asma, in fact a woman when she is menstruation (already BALIGH) should not be seen of her except this and that, he showed his face and his hands” . (Reported by Abu Daud 4140, in Al Irwa [6/203])

socks for Muslim women

Over time, the tools used to cover women’s feet are varied. There are socks, socks, stockings, etc., with styles and patterns that match the trend. With the existence of these models it is not expected that the function of the socks is considered as the soles of the feet covering the female sexual organs.

socks not only different models, even now women have a lot to choose from the trends without foot drops, because he wanted to show the beauty of the legs they have. The model shoes that become more attractive, think that the use of socks will reduce interest. Many Muslim women who still think about the use of socks are complicated and too pious. Although wearing socks is not the father, the mother, the grandparents and even the grandparents, but their own God.

Many Muslim women do not use socks because they do not understand the benefits of using these socks. What they think is not only late. Although the benefits of using socks are so numerous.

This Benefits of using socks for Muslim women

First, the use of socks is a way to get closer to God. Why? It is clear that the use of socks is made to cover the female genitals.

Secondly, the use of socks can prevent the skin from cracking. This is because the use of socks can keep moisture in the skin of the feet, so that it can prevent the cracked skin caused by dry skin.

Third, the use of socks can smooth the skin of the feet. It is also one of the effects of penggun t-shirts as above, the moisture content of the skin, so that the skin can be smooth legs, which prevents dirt and dirt from sticking to the foot. Of course it will be even sweeter if you use lotions.

Fourth, the use of socks can reduce the foot odor. Many women experience sweat problems, especially during the day. Excessive sweating, especially in the feet, can cause odor problems. The benefits of using socks can absorb excessive perspiration of the feet and overcome the foot odor. This should be balanced with the time to replace the socks, at least once a day in case of excessive sweating on the feet. And try to choose socks that are made of comfortable sweat and easy to absorb, not like stockings that are thin and transparent.

Fifth, the use of socks can protect your feet against mold. Of course, the use of socks can strengthen the feet of dust and bacteria and it can also prevent the growth of fungi that can cause a foot infection. Basically, fungi and bacteria are normal if the amount of development is not excessive, because if excessive can cause problems for the body such as; foot odor, broken skin, thorny heat, etc.

Fungi are easily transferred quickly by physical contact only. Usually the transfer involves wearing the same sandals or shoes as other people infected with fungi or bacteria, or borrowing towels. To this end, the use of socks is one of the anticipation of the spread of the fungus because it does not come into direct contact with the skin of the foot.

The statement above is one of the many benefits that a woman obtains with socks. I hope this article is useful and it further strengthens the hearts of Muslim women not to hesitate to use socks.

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