The most stupid and hilarious insurance is here – Alien abduction insurance


You heard it right, The UFO Abduction Insurance Company, which has been operating out of Altamont Springs, Florida is selling insurance policies with coverage upto $10 million that pays out in the event a UFO takes you away against your will. You only need to prove that you have been abducted by aliens. The insurance just costs $9.99 as of now.

The company says, they have already sold more than 5000 insurances of this sort and even have written a few checks for the claims, weird right? One of this sort of claims was from 1990s when a policy holder informed them about his abduction and how the aliens implanted a device on him. For the proof he even had an MIT professor who certified that the device was “not made of any earthly substance.”

The company has been selling this insurance since 1980s. And this started after the founder watching Whitley Strieber discuss his book, “Communion” – a detailed account of his alleged abduction by aliens – on CNN.

Now if you have a sane mind and think this could make a big paycheck if somehow you’re able to prove you have been abducted by aliens, know that St. Lawrence pays out just $1 a year – over a period of 10 million years.

“We don’t want to put a tax burden on anybody,” he said.

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