The worst first impression

So apparently there are a lot of people who are scared of meeting up with people because they’re afraid of making a bad impression. Although making a bad impression is quite easy, making the worst impression, that too on the very first meet up, is pretty difficult. Making the worst first impression can go wrong in a lot of ways if you’re not careful enough. So here is our next up in the horrible advice series “How to make the worst first impression!”

Make the worst first impression
Make the worst first impression

I think none of those points from the above image need further explanation, but I am going to write it down anyway.

  1. Because everyone hates sloppy weak handshakes. If its a good one as in a strong and firm handshake, seldom people notice it, but give them a weak one, every one notices it and never forgets anyone who gave it to them. I know right…
  2. Chewing gum is disrespectful and it gives them a hint that you’re not interested in them or what they are talking about.
  3. Again, buy not paying attention to them you are basically telling them to “go away, I am not interested in your blah blah” without using those words.
  4. People hate being interrupted by others. I think it pokes and plays with their ego, I don’t know, may be it is because of some other reason.
  5. Facial expressions are sometimes way more powerful than verbal expressions. Rolling eyes is one among those. So doing this will make them surely hate you for it.
  6. People hate being uncomfortable and try to avoid these kind of talks by whatever means necessary. In this they will probably stand up and go to some other better alternatives than talking to you.
  7. If nothing else didn’t the job for you, this will surely do it. Just wear a t-shirt which says, “my father told me I could be anything, so I became an asshole” and a low waste jeans probably.

That’s all you have to do if you would like to make the worst first impression ever for whatever reasons you may have. Don’t take your chances and miss any of these, especially the last one, or I am afraid you will be leaving after making a good impression.

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