This 800 year old pot had something which the world hasn’t seen for quite a long time

An archaeological dig on the Menemonee Reservation in Wisconsin yielded a clay pot.
800 year old pot

During an archaeological dig at one school garden in Winnipeg, Canada they got an 800 year old pot made of clay. Finding pots and vessels like this is not newsworthy most of the time, but in this case the contents of the pot had something special.

It was found to be a preservation pot and had the seeds of a plant which was thought to be extinct for a long time. Upon inspection the seeds were found to be of Big Old Squash. This made the Students at Canadian Mennonite University curious and they planted one it. And now the news has revealed that, they have successfully grew large squashes from the seeds. The largest one they got one was 3 feet long and 18 pounds.

The seeds were also given to Winona LaDuke, an advocate of heritage seeds and food independence for Native people. LaDuke has been trying to supply the seeds to Native groups throughout the United States and Canada.

Brian Etkin, Coordinator of the Garden of Learning in Winnipeg, sees this revived squash as much more than a vegetable.

“This squash is representative of a tribe of a large community and everybody in that community having a place and food being a right on citizenship,” said Etkin.

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The seeds are those of what was dubbed “Gete-okosomin,” a variety of squash no one had seen or eaten for centuries. Archeologists found the seeds during a dig on the Menominee Reservation near Green Bay, Wisconsin, in 2008, The Chicago Tribune reported.

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