This ultimate high-tech man cave built by a graphics designer makes you want one too

Everyone loves a calm and quite place to stay hidden from the busy life we all are having when the stress builds up. Usually people go traveling or just decides to overcome the feeling we have. But this guy created something awesome for this occasion. He built a hi-tech man cave with all the things he loved, yes even the small tiny things. Seeing this makes me want to build something like this for me as well. I bet it would make you want to have one as well. See it to believe it.The-tower-certainly-stands-out-in-the-sparse-New-Zealand-countryside-The sphere looks amazing in the New Zealand country side. This is the completed view of his man cave where he loves to spend his free time now.

Williams-worked-on-the-construction-for-three-years-spendingBuilding this hi-tech sphere was not an easy job, it took his incredible dedication and almost 3000 hours to finish the whole damn thing. He says it took 3 years of time, but the amazing part is how he used only his free time. He works as a full time plastic engineer and a graphics designer.


He calls it the Skysphere and it works completely on solar energy. You can see the solar panels in the above photo.

Williams-programmed-the-towers-lighting-and-security-systemsHe even coded an Android app to control the security and lighting in his Skysphere.


The LED lights can be controlled even by voice commands.

favorite-feature-is-my-refrigerated-in-couch-beer-dispenser-that-can-hold-12-beers-in-the-dispenser-while-cooling-an-additional-36-beers-he-sAnother cool feature is the beer cooler which is at the side of his couch and will send him notifications when the supply runs low. “My favorite feature is my refrigerated in-couch beer dispenser that can hold 12 beers in the dispenser while cooling an additional 36 beers,” he said.

The-arm-has-a-cup-holder-that-can-be-used-when-the-cooler-isThe beer cooler can act as a cup holder when it is closed.

The-tower-has-just-enough-space-for-a-bed-to-fit-comfortablyNow there is a bed for him to spend the night sleeping as well. What an awesome work of piece right?

As for me personally I would love a little bit privacy as well. So I will be changing the glass of the whole Skysphere with a smart glass so that I can change the transparency, that is if I were to build one.

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