Wife finds out husband is cheating and she did the most unexpected thing

Wife takes revenge on cheating husband by selling house while he's away on business trip!
Spurned wife Laura

Cheating your husband or wife will never end up good for both of you. Here see what happened in the UK after a man was found to be cheating his wife. The latest news has it that a women sold their house which belonged to both she and her husband while her husband was on a business trip.

She says she thought of selling the house after discovering an incriminating message on her partner’s iPhone. But she just waited until he is gone and sold it as soon as he was on his way to the business-trip by listing the property on www.sellhousefast.uk.

Now when the husband, Craig Arnolds returned to the property from New York, he found that the locks were changed – and six students in his lounge. His wife Laura aged 42, had packed her bags and gone. And she was able to sell the property behind Craig’s back because her parents had taken over the mortgage after the pair ran into financial difficulties.

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