Woman almost died because of a small thing you might be doing everyday

When it comes to shortcuts most of us don’t think of the side effects it might cause you. This woman had a small lifehack which she thought harmless until she was almost died because of an infection. The lifehack was carrying hair ties on her wrist.


Now you might think no big deal and this won’t happen to everyone, please stop doing and read her whole story. If you’re not carrying a bag, the most convenient place to carry a hair tie is around your wrist. This is way easier when you have to tie your hair, just put your hand around the hair and pull the hair tie.

Audree Kopp -- a mother from Louisville, Kentucky
Audree Kopp — a mother from Louisville, Kentucky

But when this became a habit for Audree Kopp — a mother from Louisville, Kentucky, it caused a life-threatening infection on her wrist.

The first sign of this infection was a small bump with the size of quarter on her wrist. But upon checking it with her physician, she was told it was “no big deal” and put her on a round of antibiotics.

But a few days after she realized that it was a big deal indeed and went ahead and consulted another doctor who told her how serious this issue was.

Glitter Hairtie
Glitter Hairtie

The glitter on her hair ties made almost invisible scratches on Kopp’s skin. The bacteria on the band made its way into her system through these scratches. Her doctor was surprised that the infection hadn’t reached her bones and tendons.

Dr Amit Gupta
Dr Amit Gupta

Dr. Amit Gupta, who was part of Kopp’s new medical team, warns that carrying hair ties on your wrist can lead to infections like this more easily than you might think.

She wants to keep this information to be shared as much as possible. “Please share this,” she writes, “because I’m pretty sure 90% of us don’t think twice about keeping hair ties on our wrists.”

So share this and save a life before its too late.

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