You wouldn’t believe how much MI 5 Rogue Nation and Spectre have in common

So the latest James Bond movie is getting all the popularity and most of the people are saying it is awesome. But very few people actually noticed the similarities between Spectre and MI5 Rogue Nation. The awful lot of similarities is actually mind blowing. Here is a few similarities from both movies.

Going rogue:
Spectre and Mi5 Rogue Nation Similarities 1
Spectre and Mi5 Rogue Nation Similarities 1

Granted most of the James Bong characters and Ethan Hunt ones often go rogue. But that’s not the only similarity in the characters. They both go on a search for a shadowy organization a shadowy organization (Spectre or the Syndicate) and no one except beilve them in both movies believe in such an organization.

Out of date Spy organizations:
Spectre and Mi5 Rogue Nation Similarities 2
Spectre and Mi5 Rogue Nation Similarities 2

In both movies the spy organizations behind both Ethan Hunt and James Bond are considered to be out of date and are getting shutdown. And the biggest similarity in here is how both MI6 and IMF is set to be absorbed into a larger government body.

The head of both intelligence organizations play the major role in creating the evil organization:

In Spectre the movie, the Spectre organization was created by MI6 during its absorption into the government. Now in MI5 Rogue Nation, the creator of Syndicate was the head of IMF at some point in the past.

The gang joins in the the fight against the villainous organization:
Spectre and Mi5 Rogue Nation Similarities 4
Spectre and Mi5 Rogue Nation Similarities 4

In both movies Hunt’s/Bond’s close ones joins in the fight against the evil organizations. The similarity doesn’t end there, it goes on to how these guys are joins in. M and Q join the fight during a car chase scene in London. Similarly, Jeremy Renner and Ving Rhames join in the help Ethan during, once again, a car chase scene.


Both movies end in London.

Bulletproof boxes:

In both movies, the villains were found in bullet proof boxes. In Rogue Nation they finally catch the villain by putting him in a bulletproof box. In Spectre, bond find Oberhauser in the old MI6 building surrounded by a bulletproof, clear wall.

Side Character is wired to a bomb:

In both movies the hero has to save the side character who has been wired to a bomb.

Villain stays alive:
Spectre and Mi5 Rogue Nation Similarities 8
Spectre and Mi5 Rogue Nation Similarities 8

In both movies, the antagonists are not killed, they are captured alive.

That’s all the similarities we have got. If you have any other striking similarities, comment them below. And like always don’t forget to share.

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